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Turn YouTube Automatic “Safety” mode off

By | 17th November, 2013 | 0 Comments

YouTube has recently turned on safety mode for all users by filtering inappropriate content flagged by users and disabling comments on videos.  The safety mode turns off comments on videos as most of them do content some hate and inappropriate language, so you’re going to have to view those comments in a new tab or a window. This is more troublesome to some, so if you want to opt out of this option then follow the steps below to turn the “safety mode” off when you don’t need it.

This is pretty simple and can be turned off and on at any YouTube page. This allows you to use it according to your need, you can turn it off when you’re alone watching them and turn it on where you’re on college, work or in public places. Just scroll down to the bottom of the YouTube and on the bottom left you will see a “Safety On” button. Just press the button and you’ll see an option to turn the safety mode.


And that’s it, you’ve just turned off the safety mode on your YouTube account and will start getting comments with the videos.

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