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TrueCrypt : Secure your data with the best security encryption

By | 3rd September, 2010 | 0 Comments

truecrypt 7 window

Are you worried about your data, files, important documents getting in the wrong hands.  Its really important to secure your data when you are working on something  important. And if you are depending upon windows password to secure the important data for you, you are depending on a string of protection.

Thats where Truecrypt comes in. It secures your  data, files with so robust encryption that even the best decryption methods wont be able to break through and access your data. Here’s a articles about FBI failing to decrypt the encryption used by Truecrypt.

FBI hackers fail to crack Truecrypt Encryption

Well this means that if you set a password good enough with combinations of Upper and Lowercase with some symbols, then there’s will be no else that will be able to decrypt the protection  but you considering that you didn’t provide the password to anyone else. While setting the password you can move your mouse to create randomness so that its.


You can use a file with or without any extensions to encrypt your data. But when the file is mounted into Truecrypt with correct password then you’ll be able to retrieve all the data that has been secured with Truecrypt.  The option “Mount” will get the file decrypted so you can view your files and “Dismount” encryts the data so that the data is again set back to encrypted mode which will again require a password to view files.

You can download the latest Truecrypt for Linux, Mac and Windows From:


View the documentation about installation, and how to encrypt at:


But one thing you’ll not be able to retrieve your password by any means. Not even the developers, So use a strong keyword but also remember it well so that you can access your data later.

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