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Troubleshoot Google Login not working in applications like Pidgin

By | 18th April, 2015 | 0 Comments

Google is a huge company, in fact it’s one of the biggest tech company right now. That requires it to take security pretty seriously. In doing so, Google has implemented a lot of security protocols that prevent unauthorized access to your account. Google’s Dashboard allows you to access your history, location and devices that access your account. And also prevents login from suspicious new location. One of the new feature is to block the access from third party softwares that haven’t implemented advanced security features and use Google login. These may include desktop and web applications.

As Google doesn’t control the development of these softwares, it disable logins from these application so that your account isn’t messed with. And this avoids your account being lost to poor security measures by the applications. But this creates some problems with applications you regularly use. If you have been having problem with applications not recognizing your Google login, the above scenario can be related.

Less secure apps Google Account settings

If you trust the application then, you can however allow Google to let these applications use your Google account to operate. You’ll have to enable the “Allow less secure apps” feature in your Google account.

Head over to Allow less secure apps and turn on the “Access for less secure apps“.

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