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The Revolutionary Development Of HTML5

By | 9th November, 2010 | 0 Comments

HTML 5 Logo

Many of the software developers these days are interested in incorporating HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) into the heart of the core language on the World Wide Web. Back in 2004 the group known as the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group or WHATWG started working on the HTML5 which is now being edited by Ian Hickson of Google, Inc and David Hyatt of Apple. The HTML5 specification standard is in different outline states at W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which began working with the WHATWG draft of HTML5 in 2007. While some parts of the HTML5 are being used in part, their entire project is not stable enough to be used as a whole.. yet.

The committee running this project say that the project in its entirety will not be ready until early 2022. The development of the HTML5 will allow for a workable platform (open source) which can be used in a variety of browser applications. Ultimately, the HTML5 browser support would allow plug-ins like that of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silver-light obsolete! As mentioned, some parts of HTML5 are already being utilized. This includes being implemented in HTML5 browser support systems such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Some of the HTML5 features include:

– Web Workers – The ability to separate background threads without effecting the performance of a web page. As of right now, Firefox 3.5b has the best implementation of this proposed feature.

– Video Elements – This feature allows you to embed a video without relying on plug-ins or codecs. This can be found on Firefox 3.5.

– Canvas – This feature is more about convenience than anything else. It allows you to render graphics on the fly. You can try this feature out on Bespin.com.

– Application caches for HTML5 browser support – Google gears is a great example of Application caches for HTML5 browser support. This allows the person to access web apps and data without actually being connected to the web.

– And, one of the most sought after HTML5 features – Geo location

All in all, a lot of people are really excited about the HTML5 browser support. It will allow ALL third party proprietary plug ins and codecs to become obsolete. Even as a non-developer, I am looking forward to this as well! The HTML5 Features will definitely outdo and surpass that of the HTML4.

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