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Teamviewer for Android

By | 10th November, 2011 | 0 Comments

TeamViewer for Android is an application for android that allows you to connect to remote computers with your own Android mobile phone. All you need is an android enabled device and teamviewer for android. You are also going to be needing a data connection to connect.

teamviewer for android

You can also use your own TeamViewer account so that you can use remote connections to the PC’s on your account. TeamViewer account is free and this makes it really easier to keep all your connection intact. You can easily view your online contact and connect to them with a single tap on the screen.
teamviewer account login

TeamViewer allows a very easy interface to control remote connections. You control the cursor on the remote device with your touch screen and sliding the cursor to your desired location. And the tap allows you to click on the icons and open files easily. The left click function is separate and available as a dock on the screen.

teamviewer for android screen

The keyboard function can be used from the dock bar which gives you the ability to use any keys as you would on your normal keyboard. You can also use the keys combinations using the icons on the top of the window. This function helps a lot when you are doing some text edits or creating documents with the team viewer. The app also enables you to use the function keys as well as other keys like Home, End, and Delete. So you won’t be missing out on using any combinations as you would on your computer. So you are not limited to using only some keys.

TeamViewer for android also has customizable settings that enable you to control the quality, use of UDP packets and wallpaper on the remote computer. You can also use the apps ability to record logs for events so you can check them later.

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