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Teamviewer 7 Beta with Meeting

By | 26th November, 2011 | 0 Comments

Teamviewer has now releases a beta version of its remote control software. And its full with new features and speed optimizations. The new TeamViewer has a new look and will allow you to do a video conference call, convert recorded sessions to avi, take screenshot and run the remote computer in full screen.

You can download the beta version of  TeamViewer 7 beta from:


teamviewer 7 beta

This has to be the best of  TeamViewer yet. The speed does seem to have significantly improved and the response is much faster, which allows you to work/support your remote computers much faster and easier even at low speeds.

teamviewer 7 screen options

Here are some of the features of Teamviewer 7 Beta:

  • Much faster connection speeds and file transfer optimization.
  • Inbuilt ability to take screenshots of the remote pc.
  • Drag And drop files to TeamViewer Window for easy file transfer.
  • Enhanced support for multiple monitors.
  • Save connection settings for each partner in your account through their properties.
  • Convert recorded sessions to AVI to upload or share easily on web or with friends.
  • Update the remote Teamviewer client from your on-screen option.

Teamviewer 7 Meeting

TeamViewer Meeting is the feature that replaces presentation on the new version. You’re able to include 25 people at once into a meeting. TeamViewer will also allow you to set email template from the options screen to send to your contacts to notify them of meetings and the emails are sent through your default email client(Outlook or Thunderbird).

teamviewer meetingsFeatures of TeamViewer Meeting.

  • Schedule meetings and send email notifications through your email client.
  • Able to support upto 25 people in the meeting
  • Teamviewer Meeting Apps available for iPhone and Android.
So if you want to try out the new and improved version of  TeamViewer, then you will definitely love the appearance, speed and features of the new version. And as this is a beta version, please do forward any bugs and problems to the TeamViewer developer team so that they can be fixed.

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