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Sofware to dim/decrease the brightness of the Monitor

By | 10th August, 2010 | 0 Comments


Here is a nice piece of software that will help your eyes from the bright rays of the monitor,  because it’ll drop the brightness of the monitor to the level that you and your eyes find comfortable. This will make your eyes strain less and help you work for longer.

You can control the brightness as if you want to increase the brighness you can increase with a keyboard shortcut and you can do the same for decreasing the brigneess with another shortcut.

This is what they say about their software.

How do you consider which is the main hardware of your PC for you? We believe it is a monitor, because the health of your eyes depends on this device and its settings. Desktop Lighter lets you adjust the brightness of your screen easily and quickly, anytime you want to. It can change the brightness level by a trackbar slider or by keyboard command hotkeys.

You will be able to work with office documents, browse internet pages, watch movies, or play games being able to set the proper brightness value before. You might use the monitor control buttons or the settings of your video driver to do it, but with this program is easier. Keep your eyes in optimum condition and have a good time with your PC.

You can download the software from:-

Download Desktop Lighter 1.4

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