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Skype WiFi for Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

By | 18th August, 2011 | 0 Comments

Skype has launched Skype WiFi app for iPhone, iPad, iPod (previously known as Skype Access) which enables you to go online and use internet at over 1 million WiFi spots all over the world with your Skype credit. Which means you don’t have to pay for the WiFi service provider and use Skype credit to access the internet. So you’re paying on a minute basis rather than on hourly basis. So if you travel, this is one thing you don’t want to miss on your Apple device.

Skype WiFi

To use Skype WiFi you will only need your iDevice like iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Skype account with some credit. Then you can use any of the supported WiFi operators around the world. You can find the list of Skype WiFi support hot-spots with their prices per minute at :-


To use Skype WiFi just follow the following steps:-

  • Go to the App Store and download the Skype WiFi app.
  • Open the Skype WiFi app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Sign in with your Skype account details or visit Skype.com to create a new account.
  • Tap Go Online and you’re online!
  • Once you’ve finished, just tap Disconnect

Skype WiFi will be free around the globe from Saturday 20th August, 2011 00:00 till Sunday 21st August, 2011 23:59 BST for a maximum of 60 minutes.

So be sure to check the free WiFi and load up some credits on your account before you go travelling, might save you some bucks on internet access on the road.

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