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Security basics: Rogue antivirus softwares

By | 27th August, 2010 | 0 Comments

Most people nowadays know all about the dangers of viruses infecting their computers. These viruses, attacks from spyware and adware aren’t just infected through links anymore. You can also get malware and a rogue anti-virus from phishing sites as well. They act like some kind of anti-virus or system tool to make you think that it’ll help you. And they ask you to pay for the upgrade to fix your problems, which they won’t. Then you end up paying for the software that doesn’t work.While Rogue anti-virus isn’t exactly new, Official anti virus manufactures like AVG and Norton are finding that people are less aware of these types of malware. The Rogue Anti-Virus is a fake form of anti-virus. So one of the things you should do is never download softwares from untrusted sites, and sites alerting you that your system is infected.


You have stumbled upon something like this thinking it was cool they were going to give you a free “scan”. But, this is NOT something you want scanning your computer. In order to keep yourself safe at all times, it’s important that you not only stay smart, but that you also stay educated. These sofawares are not meant for fixing your system or finding viruses and malwares, they create false alerts which make you think you really have infection on your siystem. Make sure you pay attention to what is going on around you when you are online.

While some rogue antivirus aren’t virus as most antivirus let you download them without alerts. After you install these you’ll start getting fake alerts and reports that your system is heavily affected with virus and malwares, then asks you to upgrade the software so that it can fix those problems. These are made by people who want to make money at your loss.

Wikipedia has a big list of Rogue Security Sofwares that are fake.  Check the list at:


Then you might recognize it’s of no use but you’ll have a hard time removing it from your system because it stays hidden at some place you normally wont think of,  you won’t see it in your “Add and Remove” panel. It’ll just bug you everytime with fake alerts. So its better to do a quick google search about the software you’re going to download.

Some of the best trusted Free antivirus

Well if you already got a rogue softwares on your PC,  try to find where its running from. It might be hidden so unhide it, after that delete it. If it doesn’t work then  search for removal instructions on google, most probably you won’t be the only one to download that program, and some might have found how to remove them.

The main thing is don’t download anything from an untrusted site.

Stay safe.

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