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Save your Internet Bandwidth with Toonel

By | 11th May, 2011 | 0 Comments

Toonel is a java application that helps you save your internet bandwidth by compressing the incoming and outgoing data. This is a great way to save bandwidth if you are on a limited bandwidth package. Since it is developed in java its platform independent and runs on Linux, Windows, Mac and also on some mobile devices.


Toonel uses a lossless compression by utilizing JZlib library which enables you compress the internet bandwidth as you receive or send them. The data incoming or outgoing goes through a tunnel where the compression is obtained. You just have to download the application and configure your computer or mobile device to use toonel as a proxy. Then it starts compressing your internet bandwidth.

windows internet settings for toonelWhile using toonel you will get a new ip assigned to your from the toonel servers. And also you might experience slow internet browsing.  As this was built for compression and not for speed.

You can download Toonel from here.

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