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Run your Favorite Programs from Command (CMD).

By | 16th May, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is an neat trick that will help you run your favorite programs from command, Start Menu run option or from the Task Manager. Any program you have can be linked to be used from the command. Also running programs from command allows you to use additional features supported by the program or run compilers easily from the command window.

For this you are going to need to add the programs you want to the list of directories that windows searches from. For this you have to open up your System properties. Which you can do by right clicking your “My Computer” icon and selecting “Properties“. Advance System Properties On the “System Properties” window you will have a “Environmental Variables” button. Click it to open a new window. There below the “System Variables” title, You will find a textbox with different variables and values. Search for a variable named “Path” then edit the variable. You will find many different directory locations separated with a semi-colon(;). These are the directories that the windows searches for when you press a command on cmd or the run window.

So if you want to run a program without having to add a shortcut or going to the start menu and search from the program. You can copy the program directory where it exists and add it to the end of the “Variable Value” text field. Be sure to add a semi-colon before the directory. Here i’ve tried to add the default directory for filezilla so i can run filezilla program from command. edit environment system variables Now save the settings and close the “System Properties” window, and also any open command windows for the setting to take effect. Then try typing the name of the program as it appears on the directory location you’ve just added. For filezilla the exe in the folder is named “Filezilla.exe” so i can now open it by typing “filezilla” on command or on the run window.

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