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Prevent Google from tracking you using GoogleSharing

By | 16th September, 2010 | 0 Comments

Google, the number 1 search engine on the internet does something more than just provide you with good search results and lots of free services like google voice, mail, google earth and much more. Google monitors your searches and queries to send you relevant ads or to identify you. These all data’s are saved in the googles data center. So is google concerned with your privacy. i don’t think so. Google know much more information about you than you can think of. It has a history of all your searches and more on their servers.

Heres a free service from GoogleSharing which uses a firefox plugin to anonymize you from google by creating a random identity with their special proxy to access Google’s services.  Then you access the Google services with a random identity everytime so google won’t be able to track directly to you. This give a greater privacy wall for you from Google.

google sharing proxy for random identity

You’ll have to download the Mozilla Firefox addon from Google Sharing Plugin page and restart your Firefox browser to start using it. It will appear on the bottom right of your Firefox browser. The color or the text green means the Google Sharing proxy is enabled and you are using the proxy to access Google services. If its turned to red it means that you’re not using the proxy and your current ip is being used to browse through Google services.


Although this plugin might not work on some of the google services like Youtube login, Gmail login, Analytics login,  but you can use it to search online anonymously knowing that you are not being tracked by Google for its own benefit. And its updated regularly whenever Google is now allowing you to use this plugin.

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