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Open WebOS on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

By | 1st October, 2012 | 0 Comments

Recently with the release of the Open WebOS 1.0 the team didn’t waste much time porting it to one of the top android phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Although the video quality is poor, this is amazing work as WebOS was not long ago open sourced. The video doesn’t much of the features of WebOS but some basic features as touch response,  opening apps and scrolling. And by the looks of it, it still needs time before it can be as snappy as JellyBean or iOS.

Open WebOS GNexus

Buts it’s a work in progress, so kudos to the developer team to port it onto something so quickly. So here is the video:

[youtube BcRbwBfp0bA 550 475]


So what do you think??

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