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Mozilla Firefox 4 RC Released – Out of Beta Stage

By | 14th March, 2011 | 5 Comments

Finally Mozilla have completed the beta version of Firefox 4 and released a RC version for the users to download. The new Mozilla Firefox 4 has a lot of bug fixes, faster speed, performance, new look,  features that will make Firefox fans glued to Firefox and attract users from other browsers for sure.

firefox 4 rc

Users will be able to synchronize their passwords, history, bookmarks and other settings which users will be able to use in multiple devices. Users can visually manage their tabs as they desire creating groups, naming them, which is really fun. Firefox brings tons of new web technology support with this version as well. HTML5,  WebM format for HD videos, full graphics hardware acceleration with Direct 3D on Windows, XRender on Linux and OpenGL on Mac.

Firefox has great speed improvements. The startup and browsing speed is greatly improved here as well. Firefox has done some good improvements with XPCOM module for faster startup.  JavaScript codes will also load much faster on the version than the previous ones . It’ll also provide much smoother scroll on big pages. And one of the best feature, Firefox also won’t be a huge hog on the memory anymore.
firefox  4 low memory usage

And now firefox will be able to handle crashes very well with better crash handling. If a plugin freezes on a page, it won’t freeze the rest of the application, and you will be able to reload the page to use the plugin again. Which is a great feature as i’ve had alot of crashes on Firefox causing the need of whole application to be shut down.

Visually the new Firefox looks great, The design is very user friendly and it feels smooth. Users will have more control on the view of the browser. You can remove the bottom status bar, manage the tab and navigation bars. You can also pin your favorite sites to the tab bar for easy access, which will stay there until you unpin them. They will load at every Firefox start. Nice and easy way to keep updated favorite sites.
pin tabs in firefox

So Firefox 4 with these great features is  going to be a great browser. And There are tons of plugins that already support Firefox 4 so there won’t be much problem upgrading from you current version to the latest version. So enjoy the fast and beautiful Mozilla Firefox RC 1.

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