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A memory efficient Firefox : Firefox UX (Nightly)

By | 13th September, 2013 | 0 Comments

Firefox UX is an Firefox nightly build from Firefox User Experience Team that is less RAM hungry than its current stable Firefox counterpart. And for people with computers and laptops with less RAM, this provides an free and easy alternative. Firefox UX also previews the future UI designs that will be used in Firefox stable releases which gives you an early look and feel of Firefox before many.


As far as i can remember High memory usage has been one of the downsides of Firefox. Firefox UX tries to fix that problem with efficient memory usage, the latest features and security and privacy that stay true with Firefox. Although being nightly marks it as unstable, i’ve been running UX on my Ubuntu 13.04, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 2008 server systems without any problem. Here’s a preview of the new Firefox menu, which may seem to be taken from Chrome but is totally different inside.


The low memory usage allows you to run other programs simultaneously so you can multi-task without making your system crash or unresponsive. The only problem i got after switching to UX were a few add-ons being unable to work with UX, but they weren’t all that necessary to me. And also there are regular updates which might slow down your internet connection because it might be downloading the update in the background. As the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, i switched to UX about a month ago and haven’t switched back. I had 6 tabs running while writing this article and it only took just over 400 mb ram, which is just awesome and then had 10 tabs open but memory usage didn’t go over 500 mb.


If you spend much of your time on your browser and were thinking about buying a new RAM module, then give Firefox UX a try. You just might like it and use it as your favorite browser. And do let us know how it goes.

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