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Speedof.me – Internet Speed test without flash with HTML5

By | 10th August, 2013 | 2 Comments

SpeedOfMe is a online speed test site which is built on HTML5 which means you do not need any additional plugins or extensions. With most of the latest browsers already supporting HTML5, this offers a simple way to check your internet speed with ease. It supports any of the modern updated browsers from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome to iPhone or Android browsers without any additional requirements than HTML5 compatibility.

speedofme test

Also Speedof.me offers a real-time speed analysis downloading files of varying sizes. The speed is measured downloading the smallest file first then bigger files, if the download of that file takes more than 8 seconds the max download speed of the last download is recorded. The speed test being done without any plugins excludes the load times and also overhead caused by those plugins to the test. Also with flash plugin being known to cause a lot crashes across browsers, this provides a better alternative.


With the speed test, Speedof.me also records your speed test history so you can compare your speeds in a provided time duration. But with all these simplicity this lacks some feature that i like from other speed test sites like measuring in bytes per second rather than bits per second, no way to manually choose time duration to check speeds. I thought that the site didn’t offer to save a screen of your tests, but i was wrong you can do so with the “Share” button next to “Test Again” to your favorite social network.

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