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Google Public DNS gets over 70 billion requests a day

By | 15th February, 2012 | 0 Comments

Google recently announced that the Google Public DNS is now out of the Experimental Stage and has been getting over 70 billion request a day from all over the world. Google announced its public DNS service on December 2009 for users to easily browse the internet with domain name resolving service. With the internet growing rapidly, these public DNS services help internet devices to get a faster response to where the domains are hosted and direct the request accordingly. These public DNS are much better than the normal ISP DNS but these public DNS are also known to record your activity. You can find a fast DNS service with the help of tools like DNSBench and NameBench.

google public dns logo

Google on its blog post reveals that more than 70% of the requests are coming from outside the US with strong presense on North America, South America and Europe. Google also has set up new access points to countries like Australia, India, Japan and Nigeria where Google  didn’t have Public DNS servers.

Also on the World IPv6 Day Google announced IPv6 addresses to help support IPv6:
2001:4860:4860::8888 and

The original IPv4 addresses are ‘ and

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