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Chrome Auto Refresh Extension

By | 17th September, 2011 | 0 Comments

Auto Refresh Plus is an extension or a plugin for Chrome which allows you refresh certain tabs automatically without you having to refresh them every time. This will help you easily view the updated site’s content. There is already an plugin for Auto Refresh for Firefox.

chrome auto refresh extension



Chrome Auto Refresh is available for free on Chrome Web Store. And also works with other Chromium browsers like Iron Browser.

Here are some of the features of Chrome Auto Refresh Plus:-

1. Refresh page base on time interval.
2. Set default/random time interval.
3. Timer to start(A countdown to start to refresh).
4. Auto start refresh when start Chrome
5. Monitor page when refresh page.
6. Show notification and play sound for page monitor.

Auto Refresh Plus also has a Page Montitor feature which allows you to check for changes in a page and will show you a popup notification and a sound notification once a change is found. You can use two options with the page monitor which is to find a keyword or when the keyword is lost from the page. You are not able to select some text from the web page and monitor them. You have to enable this feature from the Advanced Features & Options page.

chrome page monitor

So Chrome Auto Refresh extension is a nice little plugin you can add to your plugin collection which helps you keep some of the sites content fresh automatically.


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