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Check your Internet Speed – Internet Speed Tests

By | 1st May, 2011 | 0 Comments

If you’ve always wandered how much speed you’re getting from your ISP. Some of these tools may help you determine the quality of the ISP and the service they provide. These can actually determine the quality of a ISP because of the fact that every ISP doesn’t provide what it promises to. Some say they provide a 1mbps uplink or downlink but the real speed might be really low. You can use these services to get them checked before you choose your ISP.


Speedtest.net has been there for a long time providing free internet speed test for users. It provides with a amazing visual interface for the users to easily test their internet speed.

internet speed test - speedtest

It has servers hosted around the world for users to choose from for better internet speed measurement. Local hosted servers allow you to effectively check your speed rather than servers hosted somewhere on the other side. The test are shown in real time in a flash interface and the results is generated in a .png image which you can share or save it on your PC. You are going to need latest flash to use this service.


Oz Broadband Speed Test

This is another service which helps you check the internet speed. The site uses optus speed test method to determine the speed of your internet. Here however you need to check the download and upload speeds separately. Results are provided in a graph format. And the internet speed test results link can be shared.

oz broadband speed test

oz broadband speed test

BBC iPlayer Diagnostics Page

This is a special internet speed test service that test the internet speed test comparing it with the stream speeds. This helps you check if the internet speed is consistent throughout a continuous stream of audio or video. Its really easy to use and provides the overall download speed with 3 phase stream speeds. The result page also contain the recommended internet speed for different internet steams like radio, TV and TV-HD.

bbc iplayer speed test

There you have it the recommended sites and services for your internet speed tests.

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