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Blocking annoying ads on Kickass torrents

By | 29th September, 2017 | 0 Comments

Here’s a simple snippet of code you can add to your adblock if it isn’t able to block the annoying popups already like mine did. You just have to block 2 simple links on to create the filter.

block kickass torrents ads

The links to filter are are:

Just add these to your block list and those annoying popups will stop operating without hampering any operations on the website. While these may change it’s very unlikely to change anytime soon considering the reach of our website.

block kickass torrents ads

Adding kickass torrents popup ads blocklist on uBlock

Be sure to check out your countries law before downloading torrents from kickass torrents as they may be considered illegal and you may be held responsible for piracy. This article is only for educational purposes.

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