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Best Free Desktop Screen Recorder Software with Audio Support

By | 13th November, 2010 | 0 Comments

CamStudio Free Open Source Desktop Recorder

Here’s the best free software that is great and fast at screen recording to create your Demos and tutorial.  Its faster,doesn’t create much lag during recording, lighter and have great results. And you can save your videos to avi and swf file formats.

CamStudio is open source software from Camstudio.org with GPL License. And they’ve just released a beta version CamStudio_v2.6b_r294_(build_24Oct2010). Its simple, easy to use and doesn’t slow down the PC while recording. You can record a fixed part of the screen or Full screen and also has sound recording system. It currently saves videos with avi and swf  video file extensions. And it also comes with its own Movie Player.

CamStudio was originally released by a company called RenderSoft who were subsequently bought by a company called eHelp who used some of the technology in their program, RoboDemo … later eHelp was bought by Macromedia and added few features and released version 2.1 but you had to register to use it. Then the current owner got hold of the stable source code for camstudio 2.0 and its video code and released it with a site for everyone to download.

So if you are a coder who knows Visual C++ and have Flash, video encoding and codec experience you can modify to fit your needs or help the project to make it even better.

The Camtasia Project is hosted at Sourceforge, CamStudio Project Page.

You can download the Software from:
CamStudio 2.0

or the Beta Version(Oct 2010):

More Info(HomePage): www.camstudio.org
Source Forge Open Source Project Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/

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