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4shared Music for Android v. 1.1.0 wants you to click their ads

By | 8th January, 2012 | 0 Comments

4shared, a popular international file-sharing service, has officially presented the upgraded version of its music application for Android devices – 4shared Music v.1.1.0. And we think that its a shame it isn’t any where better than the previous version or isn’t anywhere close to being a music download app. May be they should have paid some attention to how they are promoting their app with features that the app doesn’t even have.

4shared fake menu

This app for some reason needs you to register for you to use the app. It claims to be able to start search, download and create playlists but its seems is a tactic to get more user download their application. But you’ll only be able to stream the searched files and stream them. You will not be able to download them.

4shared music option

Also the layout of the application seems to fool you to click on the advertisements on the app. The application screen says” To start searching, downloading music and creating playlists click on the Menu button of your phone”. But there is no menu button on the top screen, or something we didn’t see. But there’s a definitely a Admob ad which i don’t think has covered up the menu. They might come up with a new update and say that was a minor layout bug that they didn’t notice. But we don’t think that there is nothing more than to get you to click on the ads which you think is a menu.

4shared music registration

You’ll be able to get the search menu from the settings button of the Phone. But after you search for the music you want you’ll be give a limited number of results. Anyway then you can just play the music through your music player. They don’t even have their own music player. And there is no way for you to download the music onto your phone

Here is the list of what you can actually do with this app.

1. Instant access to users’ 4shared accounts.
2. An ability to create playlists and store them at the user’s 4shared account.
4. Easy-to-use file/playlist management.

We think much of playlists and file management can be done with tons of other free applications on the Android Market.

Sorry, we didn’t add the download link from the Market to this app. As we downloaded it and tested it and think that you’re just better without 4shared Music for Android. And if you find it in the marketplace then don’t go for the 5 star comments. We think they are faked comments.

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