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Get 10 TB of cloud storage for free (32 GB filesize upload limit)

By | 23rd May, 2014 | 3 Comments

There is a promotion going on for 10 TB of free cloud storage with Weiyun Cloud storage company, not sure how long it will last, but be fast in order to grab yours. The site is a Chinese cloud provider that offers you to upload a file with a limit of 32 GB at a time. That’s a freaking huge file size limit that we have yet to see anywhere. Although being a Chinese company,  it has a English site for english users to login and upload/download your files as you choose.

The normal free space they provide is 2 GB, but for this promotion they’re giving it away for free.

Free Tencent 10 TB cloud storage

Weiyun is the world’s largest provider of cloud storage services! 10T free capacity, you can save 50 million HD photos, tens of thousands of high-definition video! and so much more.

tencent 10TB cloud 32GB filesize limit

The Catch:

The only catch is that you have to download their Tencent Mobile App from Google Play store and have a QQ ID. Which are both for free. You have to follow the simple steps here to get the said storage for free.



Features of Weiyun QQ Cloud Storage

Micro cloud

Tencent micro-cloud is built for the user to carefully build a smart cloud services, they are already serving more than 300 million users in the use of micro-cloud providers


1. Album backups:

A key backup cell phones all the photos, support background operation. You can back up 50 million, equivalent to 800 16G version of the phone can be saved photos. Since then do not worry about the phone is lost or shot full.
2. File player to view:
On a document on your computer, pictures, phone can still turn on, anytime, anywhere can view, important documents can be read offline.
3. Write notes:
Shopping lists, notes, lecture notes, address, phone, anytime included, as you create
4 Built-in QQ video kernel:
Has more than one hundred kinds of format playback capability, support for rich audio format player (RMVB, AVI, WMA, etc.), popular videos online play more directly, without having to wait for downloads.
5 Scan two-dimensional code:
Scan two-dimensional code to open any website, coupons, documents can be saved immediately, later want to use to use anytime, anywhere
6. Face no pressure to share:
Photo shoot with friends, meeting issued a document, the automatic distribution of micro-cloud two-dimensional code, can be distributed to everyone swept away, without first Add as Friend
7. Super sharing capabilities:
Share a key to QQ friends, QQ group, micro letters, circle of friends, QQ space, microblogging, E-mail, SMS.
8. Triple safety protection:
Separate account password + password + triple lock screen password protection, foolproof.
9. Powerful file management capabilities:
File categorized, support global search and batch operation, a unique thumbnail display mode to help you complete control over your file resources, arbitrary.
10. Compressed preview:
Received compressed (zip, rar, 7z) can be previewed on the iPhone, without having to download to your computer
11. Micro Cloud Transmission:
Large video phone, a large number of photos, point-speed transmission to the iPad or computer, 100M video do not get 1 minute, do not waste flow
12. Clipboard:
Some text, URL links, telephone address, phone copy, paste computers; computer copy, paste the phone.

Let us know what you think about this 10 TB cloud storage giveaway by Weiyun(QQ) for free and your experiences too.

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