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The Silent Blade: A Seven Virtues Novella (The Seven Virtues) ($0.99 to Free) #Kindle

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Cover image The Silent Blade: A Seven

by Jacob Peppers. 4.4 out of 5 stars(46 customer reviews)

Book Description:

The Downs, the poor district of the city of Avarest, is home to cutthroats and thieves, pickpockets and prostitutes, all of whom pay tribute to one of two powerful crime bosses.  It is also home to Aaron Envelar, a disillusioned sellsword known as the Silent Blade, who cares nothing for the criminal overlords or their schemes, who only wants to survive and make a little coin in the process.
But when a group of unwitting thugs steal his mother’s necklace, the only link he has to his murdered parents, Aaron decides that sometimes gold isn’t enough—sometimes, blood is the only payment worth taking.   And whatever else will come, this time, he will not be silent.  After all, when you take everything from a man, what else does he have to lose?

The Seven Virtues Series eBook Categories:
High Fantasy
Epic Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Fantasy violence
Fantasy anti hero
Fantasy Best Sellers
Fantasy 100 Must Reads
Grimdark Fantasy
Fantasy Mercenary
Sword and Sorcery

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