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Instagram Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy ("Social Media Marketing Made Stupidly Easy") ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle

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Cover image Instagram Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy

by Michael Clarke. 4.3 out of 5 stars(10 customer reviews)

Book Description:


"Wow, another gem from Michael Clarke. I love his ethos and attitude, it makes a fun time of a horribly dull topic! I bought his FB and email books too and intend buying more after seeing the results of their application. I highly recommend this." -Tonia

"If you are looking for something that explains Instagram marketing, the culture, and mindset of this social media platform, then I highly recommend that you read this book. It is a supremely helpful, witty, and easy to understand resource that would prove to be an asset in the library of a small business owner." -Mickey

Wanna dip your toe into the strange world of Instagram marketing? (Have a feeling this bizarre, but powerful, social media platform can offer you access to a mass of zombie followers...err..possible new leads?)

Wanna reach folks aged 18-35, but no idea how to use Instagram for business purposes and turn those posts and likes (and those all-important photo filters) into actual marketing gains?

Look no further, intrepid marketer!

Because in "Instagram Marketing Made (Stuipdly) Easy" - the new offering from Michael Clarke, founder and editor of Punk Rock Marketing magazine, you'll learn the secrets, shortcuts and strategies to Instagram marketing success.

Things like:

Chapter 1 - The Art of the Perfect Instagram Marketing Funnel

Chapter 2 - Six Steps to a Profitable Instagram Profile

Chapter 3 - Spying on the Competition for Fun and Profit

Chapter 4 - Seven Ways to Create Killer Instagram Content

Chapter 5 - The Perfect Instagram Post Checklist

Chapter 6 - How to Create a Rabid Tribe of Zombie Instagram Followers

Chapter 7 - Five Ninja-Hack Tools and Apps That Will Make You Money

Give it a try: you might not just became a Millennial hero...but you could also end up making a helluva lot of money.

Download Instagram Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy ("Social Media Marketing Made Stupidly Easy") for Kindle   Download More Amazon Books