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Giveaway - 5 Cyberghost 5 device Special VPN Accounts (Over 10 months)

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It's festive season and it's time to share things with everyone. In the spirit of giveaway, we are holding a special giveaway for a premium VPN subscription at CyberGhost.

The giveaway is for 5 Cyberghost accounts with 5 device Special VPN access to 5 countries (Germany, USA, Romania, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands) with over 290 days (October 11, 2015) remaining. The winners are chosen at random and the giveaway ends on December 21, 2014.


The giveaway ends on December 20, 2014 and the winners are chosen at random on 21st. Winners will have to email us for their account. Details will be sent for winners automatically.

CyberGhost is a fast, simple and efficient way to protect your online privacy, surf anonymously and access blocked or censored content. It offers top-notch security and anonymity without being complicated to use or slowing down your internet connection.

Join the Giveaway at: