Latest version of Toshiba Eco Utility

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Latest version of Toshiba Eco Utility
« on: Dec 22, 2015, 08:08 PM »
Toshiba is one of the companies that makes eco friendly Laptops and Notebooks. It does this in a way you can monitor it right on your desktop with it's Toshiba Eco Utility. This however needs a "eco mode" compatible Laptops from Toshiba. The utility makes it easier to realize how much power is your device using in real time with average consumption and also many other stats.

TOSHIBA eco mode uses the "eco" power plan. If you change the default settings, this may change the effects of eco mode. If you are already using lower power consumption settings, you may see no additional benefits by using eco mode. TOSHIBA eco Utility estimates power savings by calculating the difference between the power consumption when eco mode is turned ON, and when it is turned OFF. If you change the settings of a typical Windows power plan, such as Balanced, to lower the power consumption, or if you change the Power Saver plan settings to lower power consumption, you may not see an additional benefit by using eco mode.


The latest version in the time of writing this is:

Download the latest Toshiba Eco Utility here: