How to upload a torrent with Utorrent.

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How to upload a torrent with Utorrent.
« on: Jul 08, 2010, 02:21 PM »
This is a tutorial on how to make a torrent from Utorrent. Its really very simple. And here it goes.

First you should have a bittorrent client and we are going to use utorrent this time. you can get utorrent from if you don't have it by now.

Then Just open up the Utorrent Window. Go to File> "Create a New Torrent".

It will open a "Create A New Torrent" window for you. You choose which folder or a file you want to upload as a torrent. If you want to upload multiple files at once you should choose folder with all those files within the folder.

In the trackers you have to add trackers of the site where you want to upload the torrent. Like uses. It changes from site to site by the way so. Be sure to get the tracker from the torrent tracker site first.




Then you can write a comment and tick "Start seeding". After that Click "Create And Save As" it will create a torrent file for you and save it somewhere on your PC.

Then You're done. Now you can go to torrent tracker sites and then upload the torrent file you've just created.



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Re: How to upload a torrent with Utorrent.
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Thx, great!


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Re: How to upload a torrent with Utorrent.
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Thanks For sharing