[FIX] Android or Virtual Emulator crashes Windows with stopcode BSOD

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So I've been running virtual box and Android emulator on my Windows 10 machine for a long time. Then all of a sudden any time I run a Virtual box machine or memu play, Windows 10 would crash with a stop code and blue screen of death. I tried searching hard and long to find a fix by updating the apps, Windows and also graphics card. Things like Hyper-V and other aspects as well. None of the methods worked and there seems to be a lot of people with the same problem.

What worked for me was disabling a memory integrity security feature on Windows Defender.

1. Go to Windows Defender Security Center panel on your Windows 10. Just type it on your start menu and it should show up

2. Go to Device Security. Then open the "Core Isolation details" link.

3. Turn off the 'Memory Integrity' toggle.

4. Restart your Windows 10, and try running your android emulator again.

Hopefully it works for you as it did for me. And im back to playing my games on the android emulator<br />