Windows 7 Home Edition Remote Access Patcher

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Windows 7 Home Edition Remote Access Patcher
« on: Mar 28, 2015, 06:35 PM »
So I just found out that my Windows Laptop doesn't accept Remote desktop requests as a server but it can apparently use the feature to access remote servers of other computers. Microsoft apparently doesn't ship Windows Home edition with inbound remote access features.

But there seem to be patches that enable remote access in Windows 7 Home addition with the additional multi session for same user login. This allows you to login to your Windows 7 system when the same user is logged in and work simultaneously without disturbing the other person.

Here's the download to the patcher.

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Virustotal gives this a Detection ratio of    3 / 57. but with the requirement of the application to modify system settings, this may be safe to use.

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