Decrypt files locked with Cryptolocker for free

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Decrypt files locked with Cryptolocker for free
« on: Mar 18, 2015, 06:29 PM »
FireEye and Fox-IT have partnered to provide free keys designed to unlock systems infected by CryptoLocker.


Please provide your email address [1] and an encrypted file [2] that has been encrypted by CryptoLocker.
Then the portal will then email you a master decryption key along with a download link to our recovery program that can be used together with the master decryption key to repair all encrypted files on your system.

Please note that each infected system will require its own unique master decryption key. So in case you have multiple systems compromised by CryptoLocker, you will need to repeat this procedure per compromised system.

[1] Email addresses will not be used for marketing purposes, nor will they be in any way stored by FireEye or Fox‑IT.
[2] You should only upload encrypted files that do not contain any sensitive or personally identifiable information.