Affinity Photo for Windows: Free in Beta (Photoshop Alternative)

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Affinity Photo was released over a year ago on Mac OS X. Its success on the App Store definitely shows how great the software truly is. It is also proof that people are looking at different options than the traditional Adobe workflow. Until now, one thing refrained many: Affinity Photo was available only on the Apple platform. But today is a new day and the software is now Windows compatible.


Affinity Photo is made available in beta version for Windows and includes all the features of the Mac build up to the 1.5 release. It makes it all the more interesting because a few very useful features were left out until now and made the transition from Photoshop quite difficult for professionals needing a fast workflow. The 1.5 version includes Macros (an equivalent to Photoshop’s actions), Focus Stacking, advanced HDR merging in 32 bits, batch processing, as well as a new way to edit 360-degree images. So the app is catching up on some features it was lacking and even adds new possibilities.