Twimates - The automated alternative for Twiends

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Twimates - The automated alternative for Twiends
« on: May 27, 2011, 07:59:22 AM »
Twimates is an soon to be released site which will allow you get automated fans, followers, youtube views, diggs and website views. And the main thing is that it will have autosurf which means you don't have to click on every single like or page to get credits.     

As Twiends had seeds, twimates will have grains. And with autosurf that won't be hard to get. The only thing is that with autosurf, you're likely to be followed by a fake account. But that still counts for diggs and youtube views if they work.

Sign up now for the big launch using the form on the right and you will also benefit from amazing preregister features. Check them out right now   
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