Get unlimited targeted traffic to your website

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Get unlimited targeted traffic to your website
« on: Feb 27, 2015, 10:10 AM »
Should you be looking to have coverage for your personal Yelp enterprise web page at no cost this targeted traffic strategy is for you... it is rather efficient and you could start seeing final results instantaneously.

This method work most effectively on stationary Ip. Remember to always "clear cache” and “cookies" on the internet browser. This process is advisable to work with a smart phone but it can be use over a desktop too. This guide is perfect for mobile but it may be utilize in the direction of desktop computer user at the same time.

1. Before starting, create an email address that you never sign up with yelp. (Remember you might need a a lot of email addresses since yelp will suspended you within a full week if you are caught spamming.)

2. If you have not, Download the “yelp app” on your phone.

3. Register a yelp profile and confirm it. If you already have a yelp account make sure to log out and clear the cookie and cache so yelp wont link your bank account along with your new yelp accounts. The reason behind it is because they may bar your older yelp account in addition to your new profile.

4. Logon and perform a search for keywords your site focusing on for example "lower price disneyland passes". You then see a listing of firm or workplace on yelp that available for review that selling “Disneyland tickets”.

5. Compose a marketing advertisements evaluation together with your site into it. Remember to compose the overview in a fashion that it really is fascinating for yelper to click on it. For example if you are targeting "cheap movie tickets" your review should be something like this to get good click through.

"I got myself my these awesome tickets at lower price at for 6 usd. The discount is huge compare with 12 usd on the box etc......"

6. You can volume spam with the same critiques on other yelp organization. Remember to copy and conserve down your assessment since you need to reuse it down the road considering that yelp will banned your account inside week.

7. Now just await 6 time and you will definitely see the traffic various on your web site.

8. Repeat steps 1 to 6 if your yelp account if banned and your website will get permanent traffic from yelp.


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Re: Get unlimited targeted traffic to your website
« Reply #1 on: Dec 01, 2016, 01:11 PM »
But the link which you provided is redirecting to some other page, can you please check it.


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