Free Money Making Hypnosis PLR Pack [Videos/Mp3s/Articles/Templates]

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Hypnosis is a surprisingly broad niche as it a versatile complimentary treatment that can be used to help someone quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better, relax more, increase motivation, improve confidence, break bad habits and much more. There are many markets hypnosis crosses over into.

As a part of the self improvement niche hypnosis has grown in popularity exponentially over the last decade. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent of hypnosis products each and every year. This income is not limited only to hypnotherapists, internet marketers can also make money in this lucrative niche thanks to a growing library of online products with affiliate programs.

You can get your foot in the door of the hypnosis niche with this PLR pack which contains over 200MB of hypnosis content. You can add this content to a similarly themed site, promote your site or create a brand new site full of money making opportunities.

Check out all the free content!

4 MP3s

Deep Relaxation
Positive Thinking
Total Motivation
Weight Loss

2 Videos
Universal Energy Relaxation
Eyes To The Soul Relaxation

65 Articles
Includes articles about self hypnosis, stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past life regression, weight loss, quitting smoking and more.

Make Money With An Autoblog eBook
A guides to creating an autoblog that updates daily with hypnosis and NLP related content.

5 Wordpress Themes and 5 HTML Templates
Great to start your own hypnosis niche site or an autoblog as you will learn how to do in the afore mentioned eBook.

Where does this content come from?

All the content in The Ultimate Hypnosis PLR Pack has been produced either by myself or my brother. The only exception to this is the articles which I have the license to use in this manner.

What’s in it for me and you?

For you this is an exciting, easy and free way to get material to start and promote your very own hypnosis niche site.

For me this is a great way to build brand awareness and generate new affiliate members who are willing and eager to make serious money.

It’s win/win!

What you can do with The Ultimate Hypnosis PLR Pack:

Create a full site from the content provided.
Offer any of the contents of this pack to your visitors for free or as a bonus for any reason.
Sell any of the contents of this pack.
Add a plug in for your website at the beginning or end of the MP3s and/or videos.
Rewrite and edit the article completely.
Use the themes and templates for any purpose.

You may not:

Edit the quick references to HypnoBusters at the beginning of the MP3s and videos.

You can download the PLR Pack from

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