[DW] The New Best Spinner for Free

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[DW] The New Best Spinner for Free
« on: Sep 02, 2010, 09:57 AM »
Ok if you are into spinning your articles then you must have know about The Best Spinner. There's lots of talks tha its the best out there. But some guys made similar software totally free for IM'ers. So you don't have to buy the best spinner.

Here's what they have to say about their software

"The Best Spinner" is widely regarded as the best article spinner software available today, and with good reason. Check out the sales page here,
Yep, definitely the best spinner, until now...

SpinnerChief is the NEW best spinner, it does the same stuff as TBS, and it is even EASIER TO USE.

Help/Instruction Manual
There is no help file or instruction manual, we have made SpinnerChief so easy to use that you will be spinning articles straight out of the box.

***You need unique content. SpinnerChief is the fastest, easiest way to create that content. Download it NOW!
How much? It's FREE to all members. Yes, FREE! No strings! No limitations, no "Lite" version - 100% working and FREE!

Why? .....because we are such NICE guys

When you open SpinnerChief for the first time you will be given an option to register. There is no need to register, SpinnerChief will work just as well without it, but if you register you will automatically receive all future updates.

Just because it is FREE does not mean it is crap.

** SpinnerChief has a very powerful thesaurus - just as powerful as TBS
** SpinnerCHief is Very EASY to use and very FAST.
** With SpinnerChief your thesaurus is local - on your hard drive, so you can modify it or create your own thesaurus from scratch.
** That means SpinnerChief does not need to connect to a network in order to work.
** Because the SpinnerChief thesaurus is stored on YOUR hard drive, you can share your thesaurus file with other users, or copy it to other computers if you wish.
** ....and did we mention, SpinnerCHief is FREE?  So get it NOW before we decide to stop giving it away!

Please write your comments and support requests in this thread. If you really need to contact us you can get help from

Now fly away my precious IM-ers, and spin...spin...SPIN!

Enjoy the Tool and start spinning your articles for more uniqueness and linking.


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