Tool to check favorable niche

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Tool to check favorable niche
« on: Jul 25, 2010, 09:15 PM »
It's called Your Next Niche - and what it does is simply pick a random niche/topic (I have a database of about 50,000 topics) and rank how popular the niche is. It also gives you 10+ different article / blog post ideas. You'll have to write them yourself (or outsource) but will help you getting started extremely fast! It also checks for a free domain name and tell you about competition.


Well - most people that get started with internet marketing look at how the "gurus" are doing it, and try their luck in the dating, make money online or weight loss market. It's not really our fault, and I think most people have been there.

And most of us fail. Why? Because: It's SUPER competitive.

But did you know that thousands of people are looking for advice on how to "Exercise infront of their computer", "make a long distance relationship work" and even "Grow a Tomato Plant"?

Now, that's what I call niche marketing!

But, it can be very hard to make these up (and you shouldn't make them up.) - and that's why I made this for you

Just go to the page, and a new niche will be picked randomly from the database. If you doesn't like it or want to work with another one, simply refresh the page.

It's very very simple, and very beta, but I still hope you like it.


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