Delete scheduled tasks for duplicate task error on SMF

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So, it just so happens that when you upgrade your SMF forum, it completely disables all your packages and then you have to enable them again one by one. If that isn't convenient, it doesn't do it cleanly enough that some packages are still installed and can lead to duplicate addition to files if you install them again.

One other problem is that, the scheduled task aren't cleared also which are created from the packages during installation. So when you want to reinstall the packages you get a duplicate 'task' key error and there's no way in the administration to remove that specific record. Fortunately you can get rid of the record by deleting the needed row on your database.


1.Log into your PHPMyAdmin
2.Browse to your database
3.Search for Table: smf_scheduled_tasks
4.Open the Table and delete the rows who's task are causing error.

That's it, go back to the package manager and you can start installation of the package again.


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