Manageflitter Users Extract JavaScript code

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Manageflitter Users Extract JavaScript code
« on: Oct 06, 2018, 06:53 PM »
This code simply extracts the user list displayed in the manageflitter page. It works on most pages with a list of user. This will help you extract user list and may be make a twitter list so you can unlollow them en masse. You can use tools to gather followers and also unfollow people.


This is basically an alternative to avoid the daily limit by Manageflitter which is 20 unfollow per day. you can simply extract the users from the list they provide and use any other Twitter tool to carry out the tasks without limitation.

Just copy the code and paste in on a manage flitter page with user accounts displayed:
Code: [Select]
num = document.querySelectorAll('.userRow'); user = []; for(i of num){user.push(i.querySelector('a.screen_name').innerText.replace('@',''));};prompt('Copy the user list',user.join(','));
You should make sure you're not unfollowing or following many number of people too fast to avoid being deleted for spam.


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