A 2 year old Jailbreak Exploit closed by iOS6

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A 2 year old Jailbreak Exploit closed by iOS6
« on: Jun 16, 2012, 03:11 PM »
With the recent development of iOS6 on going and release still months away.  And for the first time developers/jailbreakers getting their hands on the operating system. It seems that jailbreaking the latest iOS is going to be tougher as a exploit developed by @Comex (now working for Apple) has been patched by Apple. This comes as pod2g, who finds exploits and jailbreaks the iOS twitted the news.

But as pod2g said in a interview on recent JailbreakCon that they have got some secret exploits ready for iOS 6, so lets hope they can come up with jailbreak soon after iOS 6 is released to the Public.

Good Luck Chronic-Dev Team.