Wupload: earn big money while sharing files

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Wupload: earn big money while sharing files
« on: June 30, 2011, 12:37:30 PM »

Wupload is actually a new Pay-per-Download (PPD) filesharing site which promises to be much better. It offers services like multiple file upload, remote upload and upload via FTP. Maximum file size for free accounts is a generous 2 Gb. You can see some of its features below
- Free Speed: 500Kb/s
- Wait period: 10s then 10 mins between downloads (most competitive)
- Premium speed over 5MB/s+
- Simplistic design and no ads
- Highly performing web, remote & ftp upload system (uncapped upload speeds )

Its affiliate program helps you to earn up to 40$ per 1000 downloads or 20$ per 1000 downloads + 30% of PPD sales. It has one of the highest payment schemes among PPD sites. Other features are
- Easy payment method via PayPal, Webmoney & AlertPay
- Minimum payout is $10
- Payments done every week
- Referral system with 20% return
- 10% returns of sales done through website


Have you already tried this file hosting service? Earn up to 40$ per 1000 downloads with Wupload affiliate program right now!


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