How to make money with cashcrate

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How to make money with cashcrate
« on: Jul 26, 2010, 07:43 PM »
Cashcrate is one of the very trusted money making sites on the web with lots of people getting paid. Here you are going to learn a trick to help you earn more wit cashcrate.


Here are things you will need to get started:

At least 1 Facebook Account (with LOTS of friends)
A Twitter Account (optional)
A Twitter Friend Adder (optional)
Cashcrate Account

As you noticed, I made it so Twitter is optional, you will see why once you keep on reading.

First, you will need a Facebook account to get started. I STRONGLY suggest that you do not use your personal Facebook account for this. It is highly recommended that you make as many Facebook accounts as you can and add tons of friends. Some ways to do this are:

You can find Facebook groups for games such as Mafia Wars and write on the Wall “Please add me”. Even better, you can find groups of “make money online” and post on their walls and post up something like “If you want to see how I make money online, add me and I will tell you guys how I make some money online” or something of that nature. You will be getting lots of friend requests everyday.

CASHCRATE Now comes the real deal:

Now, go to and create an account.

CashCrate is a website where people can sign up and do offers for money. They pay very little for this, but this isn't why we are signing up. We are signing up for REFERRALS!

By all means, you can still do the Cashcrate offers if you want, but that is not where the money will be coming from. We are going to be referring people to your Cashcrate account so you make a % of what they earn. This may sound hard, but I am going to make this EASY ON YOUR LIFE.

CashCrate has their own Facebook Application called Rewardza. Rewardza is just like Cashcrate but it's for Facebook, and people do offers for prizes and not cash. But the great thing is, once you invite friends to the app, and they do offers on Rewardza, you get CASH! Your CashCrate referral account will be linked to Rewardza, so everything goes to your Cashcrate account.

THINK ABOUT IT,  you can keep on inviting everyone to this Application and people will start doing offers for prizes, and in return, you will be getting CASH for each offer they do. It's not much, but the other AMAZING thing is, you get $1 for every first offer a new member completes. Yes, that's right. Think about millions of your friends doing the offers, you are guaranteed at least $1 from each person. SCALE THIS BABY UP.

“You now get a $1.00 bonus when your friends complete their first offer through the app.“

Please note that you can only link one Facebook account to a Cashcrate account.

You can install the Rewardza Facebook application here (you must be logged into your Cashcrate account) :

Make some good cash.


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