Things to know about Left side pain

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Things to know about Left side pain
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pain under rib cage height=357
Some of the problems that can cause pain under right or left side the rib cage are:
Gas in Colon:- Sometimes gas can be trapped inside the the bend of the colon found near the spleen. This has been known to cause pain on left abdomen or under the rib cage. You can try to release the gas by lying flat on the ground and trying to barf or by leaning over the back of the chair.
Broken rib:- If you’ve just had an injury on your rib cage area and have been having heavy pain while breathing, a broken rib might be a cause of the problem. A broken rib can be seen under x-ray so consult a doctor right away.
Spleen disorder (irritation/rupture):- Irritation or rapture of the spleen during physical activities like running, walking or working can cause pain under the left rib cage. This can be confirmed with pain in the left shoulder tips.
Stomach ulcers:- An ulcer inside the ulcer can also cause a sharp pain under left rib cage. The pain may move up to the shoulder blade area from the rib cage region. This pain may last a few minutes or re-occur in regular intervals.
Irritable Bowel syndrome:- This is a condition which cause pain in the abdomen, bloating, and cramps. It also disrupts normal bowl movements by causing diarrhea or constipation depending on the affected person. The sharp pains under the rib cage area can result in with the cramps in the intestines.
Costochondritis:- Costochondritis (Costosternal Syndrome) refers to the infection of the cartilage that bond the rib with breastbone which might be caused by stress on the rib cage or by infection. If you are having hard time breathing heavily then this might be one of the cause of the pain. This pain often at times is misunderstood for heart attack as the pain occurs under the breast bone.
This pain may heal up eventually within weeks with some rest and with some anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen.
Pneumothorax:- This is a state when the membrane of the lungs are ruptured and the air escapes out into the space between the lungs and rib cage causing the lungs to collapse. This condition requires immediate medical attention.
Pleuritis/Pneumonia:- Pleuritis is a condition with a inflamed lungs membrane causing pain on the lower ribs during deep breathing and coughs. Pneumonia is a infection caused on the lungs either bacterial, viral or other micro organism causing pain, coughs and fever.
Kidney disorder:- Kidney disorder like kidney stone could cause immense pain on the right or left side of the body as to which kidney is affected.Treatment:-As the pain can be caused through a various reasons, the treatment should be implemented accordingly. As simpler conditions like gas, and spleen irritation can be cured with some exercises or pain killers, other conditions may need immediate medical attention and will require different methods for detection and treatment.
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