Eye Care: How to make the whites of your eyes whiter

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Eye Care: How to make the whites of your eyes whiter
« on: Mar 20, 2012, 10:36 PM »
Eyes are really important part of your body, they don't just show you all the beautiful things there is but also shows your emotions and personality. Eye care is very important but when you age you can loose those bright white eyes into some yellowish color.


Here are some of the tips i gathered from the interwebs which can help you get those white twinkling eyes back or maintain them.

  • Drink lots of water/fluids so that your eyes don't get dry. Water cleans your system + liver which will help gain the white eyes back.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, refined sugar and eating trans fat.
  • Stay away from smoke and in situations that causes strain on your eyes.
  • Add more Fruits and green vegetables to your diet.
  • Try using a drop of lemon on warm water and blink into it.
  • Do not touch/rub your eyes with your hand.
  • Do not stay in-front of TV/Computer or harsh light for long durations.
  • Try simple eye exercise to regulate blood flow to the eye
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest/blink your eyes whenever you can.
  • Don't let your eyes get strained. If your eyes feel stressed/painful or itchy splash some cold water to them
  • Consult a doctor if you have any allergies or other diseases causing. Go for regular checkups.
These are not just tips to get whiter eyes but to take care of your eyes as a whole. Have any other ideas then please share them.
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