Getting facebook fan counts to work with Momizat multinews

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As you might have encountered on our home page, that our facebook count for the facebook page is displayed wrong. and the theme developers are nowhere to be seen. I hoped to see some updates to not delve into the code to fix it which might break in an update. But with no updates for a long time I decided to check the issue myself.


After checking the error log and the code, I found that the theme is using an old declaration to get the fan counts for facebook.

You will have to edit the file:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
$data = wp_remote_get('' . $page_id .'?fields=likes,link&access_token='.$facebook_access_token);

Code: [Select]
$data = wp_remote_get('' . $page_id .'?fields=fan_count,link&access_token='.$facebook_access_token);
Code: [Select]
        $count = isset($json['likes']) ? intval($json['likes']) : 0;
Code: [Select]
        $count = isset($json['fan_count']) ? intval($json['fan_count']) : 0;

The likes are stored temporarily on transient options which you will have to clear after you finish editing the files. I use WPSweep to get those cleaned and it worked perfectly.

Other counters may still have errors, I may check if anyone has issues.

I hope this helps someone


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