Pictures from National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

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You might not know but National Geographic organizes Photography contests every year. And the contest for 2010 is going on right now and  the deadline is November 30th. Here are some of the submissions and with captions from the original photographers.

The images are magnificient. Here are some:

An angle of an ocean wave people are not used to seeing. (Photo and caption by Freddy Cerdeira)

Lightning Strike NY Harbor. This shot was captured during a major electrical storm. There was little wind and no rain which allowed me to stay safely inside and shoot from an open window. This was the 82nd exposure out of 150 made that night. The camera was mounted on a tripod, exposures made with a cable release for 5 seconds at f10. Except for a some minor level adjustments and a square crop this was what came out of the camera. (Photo and caption by Jay Fine).

Oasis. (Photo and caption by Nam In Geun)

A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. (Photo and caption by Sean Heavey)

Boise Sunrise. With the fog and morning light this looks like a place I'd love to be. If you look very closely, you can see a deer in a clearing in the center left area of the picture (small dot, head poking above bushes, see detail). (Photo and caption by Glen Hush)
Go here to view them all.