Climate change and global warming | Impact of development on Environment

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A study conducted by Met Office of UK sheds light on the latest climate research which confirms that our planet is changing rapidly and man-made greenhouse gas emissions are very likely to be cause.

Long-term changes in our climate system have been observed across the globe, from shifts in rainfall patterns to a decline in Arctic sea-ice. The changes follow the pattern of expected climate change and bear the ‘fingerprint’ of human influence, providing the clearest evidence yet that human activity is impacting our climate.

Conclusions show the climate system is changing in a number of ways which follow the pattern of climate change predicted by computer models. The only plausible explanation is that changes are happening as a result of human activity, including man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Peter Stott, Head of Climate Monitoring and Attribution at the Met Office, said: “Recent advances in observational data and the way it is analysed give us a better insight into the climate system than ever before. This has allowed us to identify changes in our climate and disentangle natural variability from the results.

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Our climate is changing whatever we do. The Global Warming has  just a negligible affects on our climate.
It is all about money.....


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money controls every thing around us and that is a very bad trend. And this tend might just continue until there its nothing left. Those people will manipulate with every penny to make alternative energy costly and promote coal and gas.

There are so many alternative energy possibilities that are just so suppressed by companies and government because it doesn't generate them revenue or tax

But i feel there is a responsibility for every human to try to save the earth and start now. We need to try out those DIY alternative energy tutorials to help make change for a better future for every living thing on this earth.


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Every few millions years theres an extinction, maybe this is our extinction....

Man made suicide.

Hopefully we will be able to recover and avert this crisis, I want the earth to still be green for my grandchildren.