Steam OS released - System Requirements and Downloads

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Steam OS
beta has been released with Debian 7 Wheezy base. Steam OS plans to bring the complete gaming package to Linux and Linux gamers. Steam OS is a part of the vision by Steam to expand the gaming market to Linux and they are providing excellent support for the community. The OS comes with basic applications with the steam client, but you can add debian packages from the repository. And this is going to be on the SteamBox which has been planned to release, which makes it even popular as this being linux you are free to expand it to what your imaginations can do.

The beta version currently support Nvidia Graphics card, so if you have an AMD or other graphics card you might not get best usage of the system. So wait for the developers or the community to prepare it for other graphics card. Steam OS is available in default and custom installer package where you can customize your Steam OS installation.

You will need to enable UEFI boot on your BIOS to boot with the images provided

As for now this is the minimum system requirements.
  • 64 bit Processor,
  • 4GB Ram,
  • 500 GB hard disk space
  • Nvidia Graphics card
  • UEFI boot support
WARNING: Both installation methods will erase all content on the target computer

Get the Steam OS Linux distro from