[PC/Game] Anno 1404 History Edition | Ubisoft ($14.99 to FREE)

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GET YOUR FREE GAME! Anno 1404 History Edition | Ubisoft 35 Years Celebration Giveaway
Discover the classic city-building gameplay of Anno 1404 and its expansion Venice, fully updated for modern operating systems.
The Venice expansion for Anno 1404 adds co-operative and competitive multiplayer, new espionage and city council features, as well as new ships, quests and items to expand your empire with.
Your cities look better than ever, thanks to resolutions all the way up to 4k.
Updated and expanded multiplayer functionality.
Enjoy all improvements while continuing your existing game, thanks to full save compatibility.
Take advantage of improvements like borderless window mode and multi-screen support.
This edition also offers bonus content including a soundtrack and a wallpaper, as well as a company logo for Anno 1800.