World's 5 Strangest Vehicles

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World's 5 Strangest Vehicles
« on: December 20, 2010, 01:04:05 PM »
Here are the worlds 5 strangest vehicles from

1: Dodge Tomahawk
The Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mich., on Jan. 6, 2003. The 500-horsepower Viper V-10 engine gives the Tomahawk a potential top speed of nearly 400 miles per hour.

2: WaterCar Python
The Python, just one of WaterCar's amphibious vehicle designs, is a hot rod on the water and a hot rod on the street, too, thanks to its powerful Corvette engine.

3: Catmobiles
A Catmobile can't be far behind this fleeing trout bike at the Burning Man festival.

4: The Cupcake Car
These $25,000 customized Cupcake Cars are made of fabric, wood and sheet metal. They're powered by a 24-volt electric motor.

5: Terrafugia Transition
The Terrafugia Transition "roadable aircraft" flying high above the ground.